Saturday, July 01, 2006


End of an Era Part 2

Well, so much for AOL. Most of y'all probably associate me with my long-held AOL address and, in fact, I've been with AOL since 1995, shortly after I discovered that Fidonet Astronomy was going bellyup and that there was this new thing on that new-fangled Internet thing called "sci.astro.amateur."

Anyhoo, amongst many other things that finally caused me to overcome my intertia and leave AOHell, was their recent decision to insert animated java ads into emails. I mean, I don't mind that with's free. But with AOL, I had to look at these silly ads AND pay a premium price for the privilege of doing so. Frankly, IMHO, it shows a distinct lack of concern for the customer. No thanks. I've had enough.

So, don't use my .aol addy anymore...stick with

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