Wednesday, January 03, 2007


But What Can a 90mm Scope DO, Unk Rod?

A lot, it turns out, muchachos. More than a few amateurs are curious about that given the large number of questions I've had about this new and affordable "almost 4-inch" APO, the Megrez 90. See below for a link to my review of this William Optics scope. Or read my blog entry from a little while back. But to put it succinctly, if you are an astrophotographer interested in a medium-wide field astrographic instrument, the Megrez 90 may be the telescope of a lifetime for you.

2020 Update:

The old "Uncle Rod's Corner" columns that once resided on the Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird (astronomy dealer) website are long, long gone, having evaporated into the ether many website revisions and business plan changes ago.  The Megrez 90 itself, however, is still available in recognizable form from WO, so this review deserves to live on. Which it does thanks to the blog entry on it (12/10/2006). The original piece from the Anacortes website is also still available, archived on my (mostly inactive) website at:

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