Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Gaudy? I Say She's Beautiful!

Yeah, I said BE-YOU-TI-FUL, muchachos. Now, admittedly, your Old Uncle is a vet, and basically a patriotic sorta guy (if not one who lets his patriotism blind him to wrongdoing on the part of his country), but I think a lot of people are gonna like this little apochromat for its smashing good looks. Think fireworks, think cool 60s pop art, think The Fourth of July and Yankee Doodle Dandy!

What this little charmer is is the William Optics 66SD APO Patriot Edition, the “Patriot 66.” Looks ain’t everything, of course, and you'll soon get a full report from me on just how the little thing does on the sky. Watch this space for information on my full review, coming soon.

Until then, I’ll just say the scope--I’ve been using a WO 66SD with an, err, more “subdued” paintjob for some time--has taken the place of some larger grab ‘n goes at Chaos Manor South for our casual observing. After experiencing this one’s flat, wide field, it’s hard to go back to using the StarBlast.

Let me caution you: if you think you want the Patriot 66, get one NOW. This is a limited edition. If you hurry up, you may even be in time to get one with your state’s name engraved on the focuser! Sure, there’ll still be the normal 66SDs (just as good optically and available in various—if not as exciting—colors), but The Patriot may be a once in a lifetime scope.

Further, the good folks at William Optics, who’ve expressed a great deal of concern about the devastation wreaked on Uncle Rod’s part of the country by Hurricane Katrina, are donating a SUBSTANTIAL amount from each sale to the American Red Cross. Beautiful, unique scope. Great cause. How how the h-e-c-k can you go wrong?

Sorry, the paint job doesn't do it for me, and I'm afraid it wouldn't even if I was a 'murrican.

BTW Rod, I occasionally inhabit sci.amateur.astro & always look out for your interesting posts.


As for the scope...just look on her as the latest incarnation of the Andy Warhol school of pop-art. ;-)
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