Monday, December 24, 2007


Happy Christmas 2007 from Possum Swamp!

Not a whole lot to say on this Christmas Eve, muchachos. I reckon a year of blogging, speaking at all those star parties, and chatting with all y’all on Astromart and the Cloudy Nights has more than allowed your ol’ Uncle Rod to have his say.

Tonight? Looks like this will be a nice, quiet Christmas in Dixie. We’re in for the evening—me, Miss Dorothy, and Miss Beth (home for the holidays from Yankeeland). Did our now traditional Christmas Eve Japanese Steakhouse dinner (it may not be Yell, but once a year I don’t mind a bit o’ Sake). There are no younguns left in the family, so a preternatural quiet has now settled over the storied walls of good, old Chaos Manor South, deep in the heart of the The Great Possum Swamp.

There is one thing left to say: no matter how y’all celebrate Christmas…as a religious holiday…or just as a secular time of good feeling and good cheer…have a good one my brother and sister amateurs. And thanks for being so friendly and understanding over the last year as I blundered onto your star party fields in my bull-in-a-chinashop good ol’ boy fashion. In other words, have a numinous or at least luminous holiday season, and here’s hoping your coming year is one of beautiful telescopes and beautiful views.

Now, since it appears it will be cloudy tonight, preventing us from continuing our other Christmas Eve tradition, toasting M42 with eggnog (second cloudy December 24th in a row), where the heck is that Yell?!

Uncle Rod, happy new year! Your new SCT book is in my list now. :D
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