Friday, January 11, 2008


"As the SCT Turns" UPDATED

Curious to know what Meade is gonna call the RCX and R scopes now that they can't say "Advanced Ritchey Chretien"? The answer may be found at a prominent UK dealer's website. Telescope House now advertises the LX200R as the LX200ACF (Advanced Coma Free). The RCX? No fork mount 400s do I spy, but there are 16 and 20-inch RCX OTA/Max mount combos on offer going by the new moniker of "LX400ACF." Stay tuned.

Hasn't been much to report on the travails of Big Blue. Until now that is. The first bit of hot gossip--now fact and not just gossip--is that the STAR/RCOS lawsuit against Meade has been settled. Meade has agreed that it will not, not no-how, not no-way, ever call its aplantic SCTs, the LX200R and the RCX400, "Advanced Ritchey Chretiens" ever agin. Meade, you understand, can continue to sell these scopes, they just gotta call 'em something else. Read all about it here.

My votes? The LX400 and LX200 "A" Advanced Aplantic SCTs. Course it's still an open question in my mind, given Meade's financial condition, whether Meade will choose to continue the RCX and, if so, whether they will continue all of 'em (like the 16 and 20). I do hope so, as I still dream of a MaxMount setup. I think you call that a "dream," anyway, doncha?

Meade has been financially sickly of late, it appears. How are they now? I reckon we'll find out shortly. The company will report 3rd quarter results on January 14. If you want to hear the straight poop, tune in to the teleconference via the company's ever-lovin' website. I suspect this might be right interesting. The last one even got a little ROWDY!

Speaking of erudite posts, I believe it's "aplanatic", not "aplantic".
Naw...ol' Unk is right about a-p-l-a-n-t-i-c...FOR ONCE. ;-)
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