Sunday, October 18, 2009


Deep South Nights--and Excuses

Yeah, yeah...I know muchachos...after waitin' all week, you was wanting and expecting a little more than this. But this, I'm sorry to say, is it--for a few days, anyhow. Miss Dorothy and I just walked in the door from the 2009 Deep South Regional Star Gaze where we had a great time with old friends, won some cool prizes, and did some pedal-to-the-metal deep sky observing until the wee-est of wee hours with our 12-inch Dob, Old Betsy. Said observing will no doubt be fodder for several entries here, including my long-promised new deep sky series. Maybe two series of articles on The Great Out There, who knows? When? I will try to have a real blog entry for y'all up at midweek, but if things at work are as hosed-up as I speck, don't look for it till Sunday, muchachos.

Hokay, I'm gonna grab them stacks of undergraduate papers that are crying out to be graded, do that, wash the ol' bod, and then get some well-deserved rest to the tune of a nice steak and a few whiskies. Till later this week, then, y'all...

Observing >> blogging.

No apologies necessary.
Rod I had to do the same thing to my Blog when I got back after speaking at the Almost Heaven Star Party.Plus I went straight to an out of town job from there!!! I feel for you Bubba when you get to it we will be here no problems
Steve T
The good, old AHSP! My two outings as their speaker are a couple of my best star party experiences EVER. Fantastic skies, a great facility, great people...what's NOT to like?!
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