Sunday, November 15, 2009


Another Brief Intermission

Yep, you called it; you are being skunked out of yet another blog entry, muchachos. Your old Uncle Rod’s spirit is willing, but his flesh is all too weak after three nights of hitting The Herschel Project hard in my late-middle-aged fashion down Chiefland way (I stayed up till AFTER TWO one night!). I need time to collect my notes and my senses. Heck, I still need to finish the Project report from last week's club dark site run. And I’ve had the opportunity to try out a new planning program, Eye and Telescope, which deserves some attention in this here blog. In other words, a lot of work for your lazy old Uncle, but he will GET ‘ER DONE. I can’t help but laugh in retrospect that I used to worry about running out of things to write about here (!).

Now? I am back at the Old Manse, and once all the student papers are graded (CONSARNED UNDERGRADUATES!) maybe it will be steak and whiskey time? Till next Sunday, then, but hows about some star party pictures to tide you over?

Unk's cozy field setup on Billy Dodd Memorial Observing Field, his time honored hangout. That's a new EZ-Up to replace the one destroyed by the Weather Gods at last Month's Deep South Regional Star Gaze...

Old Reliable...

All I can say is, "INCREDIBLE"...

Over on the "new" field, at the Nova Sedus Star Party, there were plenty of vendors with plenty of cool stuff to look at (and buy). Here are two of Unk's favorite folks in the bidness, Bill and Tammy Burgess.

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