Thursday, December 24, 2009


A Chaos Manor South Merry Christmas

As the sun begins his inevitable descent on Christmas Eve afternoon, quiet has settled over the storied and numinous halls of the old manse, Good, Old Chaos Manor South. All the kids are grown, and the next generation of the clan is barely aborning and far, far away. That makes for a calm but subdued holiday. Your old uncle is thankful he has not had to go a-questing Zhu-Zhu Pets, but a little of the magic seems to have gone out of this night, too. For now. In a few years the old halls will no doubt once more ring with the echo of little peoples' laughter.

Tonight? Miss Dorothy and I did our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at the local Japanese Steak House. Our two wonderful daughters and their many charming young friends made for a most joyful and jolly occasion. I even convinced Miss D to try a little Sake!

Back home now, I'll watch a little TV--probably some Sherlock Holmes DVDs...for your ol' Uncle, Holmes' Victorian London and 221B are the very essence of Christmas. And you know that before the night is out I'll raise a toast or three to The Master of Baker Street, the best and wisest man we have ever known. A trip to the liquor store turned up not just Rebel Yell, but "Rebel Reserve." Can you believe the dadgummed Yell has gone upscale?

Astronomy-wise? The clouds are thick and the rain is falling. For the fourth year in a row, I suppose Miss D. and I will be denied our traditional Christmas Eve look at M42. But tomorrow night we may get a peep at that Christmas ornament to end all Christmas ornaments, which is almost as good.

Maybe next week I'll share next year's astro-plans with you and let you know what that jolly old man with the big belly and the white beard (I do NOT mean Bubba down to the club) brung me. For now, though...I'll just say, "A merry Christmas to all the wonderful friends I've made in that most wonderful of avocations, amateur astronomy." There is surely not a better bunch in the whole, wide world, and I look forward to spending yet another year with all y'all.

Good night! And may your Christmas be as beautiful and luminous as ours is turning out to be!

Merry Christmas Unk!
And Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Christmas commercialism can get in the way of what Christmas is all about (in my opinion). As Thomas Kinkade (the painter) points out, a simpler view can bring more happiness. I think that is what I enjoy most about this hobby, a long look at what God has made for us to ponder. To me it brings the rest of the craziness into perspective.
Uncle Rod, After months of mis-adventures, I am interested in astronomy again. I came across you blog url on Amart Forum.

I really digame your style, and, dadgummit, I'm gonna bookmark it so I can check it out from time to time.

Yo' Fr'en' in M fo'ty two, Walt
Hey Unk! It's been a wonderful year reading your weekly posts. You've done a lot to enhance my enjoyment of astronomy. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Merry Christmas Rod!

I've adopted your tradition and enjoyed a long look at M42 in the StarBlast on Christmas eve (with a bottle of Gentleman Jack for warmth that I found in my stocking). Thanks for another year of great stories.

--Robert Harris
Hey Rod, did you ask Santa for one of these new Orion telescopes?
What, and give the pore ol' dude a coronary...LOL! Those prices violate my Prime Directive: "Don't pay more for a telescope than you'd pay for an automobile!" ;-)
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