Saturday, December 04, 2010


A Chiefland Reprise

And a hiatus. Uncle Rod and Miss Dorothy have been burning the midnight oil at the good, old Chiefland Astronomy Village. As always when we've put the pedal to the metal observing-wise, muchachos, you're gonna be cheated out of a blog this time. Mostly, anyhow. Here are a few pictures of our just finished outing for your Sunday morning perusal. You'll get the full story next week, including some better quality pix, an account of the hundreds of Herschels we conquered, our bar-hopping down in Cedar Key, and news of the CAV where big changes are afoot. See y'all then!

Big Bertha, our beloved NexStar 11. She should really be called "The Queen of All Telescopes." Herschel after Herschel, she never missed a beat, purring like the big CAT she is and putting every tiny galaxy on the little chip of my Stellacam II!

The Beast, Tom Clark's 42-inch Dob, still rules the site--for now.

Our field setup. Under our EZ Up with a Black Cat heater running, it was bearable if not pleasant with the temps in the lower 30s!

The Command Bridge of Unk's starship!

ATM Pat Rochford's latest creation, a beautiful 16-inch.

Next Time: The Herschel Project Nights 17, 18, and 19...

Hello Uncle Rod. Thanks for this weeks editions on CAV. Can't wait to read the rest of the story! Looking forward to our next chance to shoot the breeze with you in the SWAMP.
Tom (and Matthew)
That's a sweet looking CAT, nice tent setup.
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