Saturday, April 02, 2011


Postcards from the Edge

Almost live from the CAV, it's UNCLE ROD'S ASTRO BLOG!

There is a place out on the wild frontier of deep space where men and women are confronting the Universe. That place is the Chiefland Astronomy Village...

Miss Dorothy and I made a quick run down to Chiefland, Florida to attend the legendary Chiefland Spring Picnic. I wish it could have been a week instead of just a couple of days, but that's OK. We saw a lot and had a lot of fun and even put part of the vaunted Herschel Project to bed. And...I added over 200 more Aitches to the Whole Big Thing tally!

We're resting up from our Deep Sky Tear, so this morning's blog will be a short one. But I thought you'd like to see some snapshots--postcards--from our latest sky safari. You will, of course, get all the details (and more and better pics)  next week.

Dear Uncle Rod,

Glad you made it to Florida. 200 Herschels sounds impressive. The Village looks like the place to be - here ice and snow are still no joke at dark sites. Some cool telescopes in your pictures.

Awaiting the full report,


Ivan Maly
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