Sunday, July 22, 2012


Happy Birthday Unk--Chiefland Style!

Actually, your old Uncle Rod celebrated the latest in a long series of birthdays just before he departed for the Chiefland Astronomy Village for his latest Herschel hunt. You will hear all about Unk's Apollo 11 anniversary week birthday celebrations the week after next. And next week you will get the details on the latest Herschel Project runs under Florida skies.

IN OTHER WORDS, as you old timers know, when Unk is on the road you will be cheated out of your accustomed Sunday morning read. Below are a few pictures to tide you over. If you are a newbie here, let me add that there is six years worth of The Little Old Blog from Chaos Manor South here, with each and every article presented in Unk's inimitable (ahem) style. Look on these as "summer reruns" to get you caught up on the goings on 'round the The Old Manse. Anyhoo, see you bright and early next Sunday, muchachos!..

Next Time: More Herschel Project fun...

Happy birthday from Florence, Italy, thank you for your blog which is my favourite sunday evenings buddy. Tanti Auguri, Luca
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