Sunday, May 12, 2013


More Herschel Fun

Some more Herschel fun, anyway, muchachos. If you live east of the Mississip, and especially below the Mason-Dixon Line, you know observing in the spring is a roll of the dice. Conditions can be nice for the Virgo-Coma galaxies, but usually your results will be “mixed”—if’n you are lucky. So it was for the 2013 Deep South Regional Star Gaze Spring Scrimmage, the smaller, informal springtime edition of one of our fave star parties. You’ll learn more about that next Sunday, and you will also get a full report on Unk’s new C8, a Celestron Edge 800. But that is next Sunday, after ol’ Unk has had a chance to rest up from his latest adventure. See y’all then—same bat time, same bat channel…

Next Time:  The Herschel Project Nights 41 and 42...

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