Saturday, May 24, 2014


Further Adventures with the Phone Company

No blog again this week, muchachos.  Not to speak of. We hope to be back online Wednesday. I sure hope those hopes turn out to be correct. I hate typing on my iPhone, and D and I are burning through our monthly data allowance in a right quick hurry. Assuming we get the internet back, I will fill y'all in on the depredations of the phone company next week...

Hang in there Unk! We've all had to deal with the phone company at one time or 'nuther. Can't wait to read the rant!
I'm thinking the air-conditioned shop makes up for a heap of small troubles. Better backyard views come with the new manse?
Off topic for this post, but...
When you are at a star party and have aligned the mount (GC5 for instance) do you realign every night or do you use the mounts Hibernate function on subsequent nights?

Best of luck with the phone company, Ala Power, etc. Moving is as much fun as root canal. But in the end it's all worth it. Looking forward to your accounts of the adventure!


I just realign...
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