Saturday, July 26, 2014


Down Chiefland Way

“OK, Unk, what did you and Miss Dorothy do down there? How was the weather? What did you see at the Chiefland Astronomy Village? How were the skies?” Well, Skeezix, all shall be revealed—in time. Alas, at the moment your old Uncle is tuckered from the drive back north up Highway 19 and back west on freaking I-10 to the New Manse. As per usual, howsomeever, here are a few pictures from our latest adventure to tide you over. See you rat-cheer in seven pea-picking days for the complete low down on what I am not hesitant to say was a Real Good One, muchachos.

Next Time:  A Chiefland Odyssey with the Mallincam Micro and AstroLive

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