Sunday, February 22, 2015


Down Chiefland Way: Brrr!

As I said last Sunday, muchachos, I was loath to give up my planned February dark of the Moon CAV observing run for any reason. Even predicted historic low temperatures that just kept getting lower. I even stuck to my resolution to tent camp on the field. How did I do with that and everything else? All shall be revealed next week. For now, I am just trying to WARM UP!

Next Time: A Long Time Ago...

Rod, my wife and I were supposed to be at CAV last week; but had to postpone the trip due to her recent knee orthoscope. Sorry I missed seeing you.

Jack Huerkamp
Sure would have been nice to see y'all down there, Jack. I'd heard you might be there and was looking forward to it. Next time for sure! :-)
With an average temp of 18 F over the last month, we in IOWA would just like to THAW OUT - THEN we can discuss WARMING UP !!!

Am enjoying your blog ... gives me some WARM feelings about astronomy, and I will take any warmth I can get, LOL !!!

Look forward to next week !!!

- George
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