Sunday, September 16, 2012


Chiefland Redux Redux Redux...

By the time you read this, our latest Chiefland Astronomy Village expedition will be history. This was a different sort of trip. The fact that I am now DONE with the basic observing of the Herschel Project Big Enchilada objects meant it didn't have to be pedal-to-the-metal-200-objects-a-night time. This one could be more relaxed, befitting its status as Unk and Miss D's Anniversary Trip ('twas Miss Dorothy who suggested we commemorate our nuptials with a four night observing I have a wonderful wife or what?). You'll be able to read all about that next week and the week after. Yep, as always when we are on the road, you are being cheated out of your customary Sunday morning read. Also as always, here are a few pix to tide y'all over. See you on the flip-flop, muchachos!

Next Time: The Herschel Project Phase II Nights 1 and 2...

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